Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to use social media to save money on shopping

With more than 1 billion people active on social sites, social media has become more than just creating profile pictures and connecting with friends. It is also a tool that one can save money on shopping. Here are a few tips to assist you in saving money for shopping

Like or follow favorite retailers
You can choose to take some time to like you favorite retailer’s page on Facebook or follow them on twitter. Many retailers are online and will provide exclusive discounts to new customers who simply like their page. Holidays are also the perfect season for companies to release coupons. There are also many retailers that offer discount on customers that check into their stores using apps. Some business owners are also willing to offer 20 % discount on new customers at their fast check in.

Retailers would like to interactions within their sites, at the same time shoppers look for discounts. Both the retailer and the shoppers therefore benefit.Be keen on such offer from companies. Various companies also post products and you can receive free gifts when you like the photos.

Take some time each day to look at your favorite retailers’ page.
By taking some time daily to look at your retailers account, you will quickly land on great deals and discounts offered. By simply clicking on the button , the social media accounts will allow retailers to bring innumerable number of bre customers, this therefore builds a great brand awareness. Shoppers at the same time, can enjoy what can be newly found at the store and discounts on holiday gifts that may come their way.

Don’t wait for deals to come to you
You may have refreshed your Facebook and twitter feeds but no sign of the deal you are hoping for. Taking matters to your own hands, tweeting or posting a comment directly to the company on what you are looking for is a decent way to have what you would like. You can inspire a company to send you your personal coupon so that they can get your business. Another beneficial way to be active on your coupon search is to regularly post your opinions whether good or bad on companies where you shop regularly. Various companies want their customers to give feedback and they often reward it.

Be aware of the ads

The next time you login to Facebook, take note of the ads. You can find a variety of coupon code sites advertised on Facebook. This will bring you to a new world of coupon codes that you can simply use to make various online purchases. Pay close attention to the ads on items you would like to purchase and you will get what you would like for less.

Social media is changing all the time, with just a click of the button you will land on great deals, discounts and coupon codes that will assist you in saving for your shopping. Take your time daily on various retailers' page and you will benefit a lot.
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