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Personal Review On-- Mullicahill Skincare | 201 Bridgeton Pike | Mullica Hill | NJ | 08062 - South Jersey

My Personal Review on
Mullicahill Skincare 
| 201 Bridgeton Pike
| Mullica Hill | NJ | 08062

Hello Dear Coupon Clipping Service Pros and Everyday Living and Savings and Savings Plus Readers.

I would like to start by saying this is my own personal review of this skin care and weight lose facility and what I personally experienced, and should not be taken in any other way.

Here is my story,
I started a weight management plan with this location. The plan was called HCG.  It was said to help you lose weight (varies from person to person) by going on HCG daily Injections along with 500 calories a day for 6 weeks.

Well I must tell you I was very disappointed in the results, in total I lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks, I followed this program strictly.  It had cost me over $300.00 not including fat burner shots and supplements. I personally felt this program did not live up to its hype.

Another problem I had encountered was, The on site doctor put me on metformin pills (for diabetics and to aid in weight lose and on insulin injections).  After a few days on the insulin injections I became very sick and almost passed out at my others doctors office. I decided to visit my personal MD to get her opinion on these two drugs.

She informed me she is not surprised I felt sick on the insulin injection because I am not diabetic, she recommended I do not take it.  She was not as adamant about the  Metformin, She was concerned more about the insulin injection.  Of course I stopped the injection asap, I informed the doctor at the weight lose clinic of this.  He was not very happy I went to challenge him on his recommendations of medicines.

I stayed on the metformin for a month and when I went to renew the prescription the pharmacist informed me I should also be on some kind of AC Inhibitor along with the metformin.  So I said OK, let me contact my weight lose doctor to tell him to call in a prescription.
I contacted the weight lose doctor and informed him of the situation above.  All in All,  I did not expect the following answer back from this establishment.

They informed me , since I had gone to my own doctor and she took me of the insulin injection that they will no longer service me or give me the prescription for the metformin.  He told me to go see my other doctor for this medication.  Now remember my MD did not prescribe me the medicine and will not, because she is not a weight lose doctor.

I continued to call the weight lose doctor back insisting they give me the AC Inhibitor so my kidneys will not get damaged.  Again they refused.  So my issues here is,  this doctor started me on this program,  I became sick with the insulin shot and he did not want to assist me with a supplement to the metformin to protect my kidneys, just because I went for a second opinion with my MD.

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT WOULDN'T THAT BE A RED FLAG .  I sure believe so. Some thing sounds fishy to me.

How can a doctor that is their to help you, and has started a treatment as important as to decrease your obesity levels, not want to see how else he can assist you in this journey.  As soon as I had advised him that I will no longer take the Insulin Injection but I would stay on the metformin, that should of been a red flag for him to say,  Hey, since the insulin injection got you sick, lets try this other method or medicine, but he did not and he actually had written me off.

I had asked to speak to him many times and been transferred threw out the office several times getting the run around.  Long story short,  he never got on the phone,  he never gave me an AC inhibitor to help with the metformin and to protect my kidneys.

I spent so much money for nothing, horrible customer service and Dr Service. I will never go back.

I have also been seeing the skin care facility located up stares ,  I am on the BBL treatment (lazer) which helps with dark or brown spots on your face.  When I had the initial interview with the technician they informed me the spots would be gone in 2 to 3 treatments, treatments are very expensive,  about $350.00 a visit.  I have done three visits so far and I have a follow up in two months.  
Don't get me wrong,  I do see a big difference in how my skin looks and feels,  but I still have brown spots.
I will give you an update in two months,  hopefully with the obagi skin care system I am using which goes hand and hand with the BBL,  it will work. 
But for now spots are still on my face.


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