Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 Apps That Help Your Memory

We all can tend to forget things - me especially! I am seriously the man with the worst memory that has ever existed (aside from the guy in "Memento"). I will leave my keys in the door lock overnight, I've killed so many fish from forgetting to feed them (Hey! At least I didn't have a dog!), and don't get me started with people's names - well actually it wouldn't matter if you did get me started because I can't remember any of them. It's like there's this static noise, or beep that goes off when people introduce themselves. "Hello, my name is *beeeeeeeep*". But we all can forget things from time to time, and we all could use some help remembering things. So here are a few apps that can help you keep your life organized and help you remember what you need to do.

1. Alarm.com

The app is gives you complete control over your entire homes security system. Sometimes I can be in a rush and will forget to lock the door, and if you live in a bad part of town, like Desoto, Texas, then that could end up badly for you. Obviously it's very important to remember to keep your home safe and secure at all times, and with this app that becomes possible. Say you lived in Desoto, it links up with your Desoto home security and allows you to control all the components of your security system. From the lights, the thermostat, to the locks on the doors. So if you tend to forget to lock your doors, or if you tend to lock yourself out of your home, this app allows you to lock and unlock your doors straight from your phone. It also allows you to set up a radius around your home that if you were to leave it without arming your phone, it would send you a push notification and then allow you to arm your house from the app.

2. Clear

I personally use Clear everyday. It's really fun to use because it looks and feels great to use. It's essentially a to-do list on your phone, but the motions and gestures you use to control it is pretty unique. Very practical app for anyone who has a hard time remembering what they needed to do that day. It also has a cool incentive to complete task by giving you unlockable content. If you complete a task at a certain time of the day or if you complete a certain amount of task it will give you more themes to use. Very cool way to motivate you do get stuff done. I also have never seen a productivity app that has cool unlockable content.
Regardless of how great your memory is, everyone could become more productive in what they do. If it be sharing files with your friends or coworkers, remembering to lock you door, or remembering to pick up your dry cleaning, we all could use a little help. Oh shoot! I need to feed my fish!

About the Author: David Michael LeMarr is a musician, blogger, public communicator, and future architect - follow him on Twitter // Facebook // Wordpress


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