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Trendy Favor Ideas For 2013 Hollywood Glam Weddings

The Hollywood Glam wedding is one that is filled with glitz and sparkle. The phrase less is more does not apply to this wedding theme. The d├ęcor tends to be over the top and bling is used as often as possible. It is not just the bride who shines, and favors for the guests are no exception. There are some great DIY options that are trending this year, as well as some items that you can order online or even locally. Check out some suggestions below for top ideas.

“Diamond” paperweights:  This trendy favor has been on the popular for a few years now. Many brides love the idea of everything diamonds, and that means the favors. Faux diamond paperweights are abundant and come in an array of shapes, sized and colors. The clear color is among the most popular, but colored stones are a lovely way to make it your own and incorporate the color or colors of your wedding. The best way to look for these favors is online. Many vendors carry them, so be sure and look for the best price possible!

Cocktail key chains: What says Hollywood more than a good old cocktail? Recently a variety of cocktail key chains have become very trendy. You can buy them for men and for women. For example, maybe you are a martini lover? If so, buy those for your female guests and perhaps a frothy glass beer bottle keychain for the males. A good in-between choice is a keychain that features a mini faux bottle of wine, as it works for both men and women and you don’t have to count how many of each you buy. These favors are also readily available at many online wedding shops.

Decorative cookies:  For the DIY couple that wants their favor to be homemade yet still glamorous, there is the cookie. You can make the cookies in any shape you want according to the theme of your wedding. The key is the decorations on the cookies. These days bake shops offer loads of sparkly and blinged out edible cookie decorations that will make your edible favor really fit into the glam theme of the big day. Think lots of glitter and elaborate edible decals. You can house these cookies in simple cellophane bags with a gold or silver ribbon for that added special touch.
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