Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Seven Traits Of Irresponsible Dog Owners And How To Fix Them

Unfortunately the cuteness of dogs makes this a very common trait among dog owners - it is also the reason why there are so many dogs in shelters. All too often, people purchase or adopt a dog on impulse - without thinking of how owning a dog will change their life. Owning a dog is a commitment and will require time, effort and money on your part. Before opting to become a dog owner, do some research and figure out what it will cost, what you will do with your dog while you work, go on vacation and who will care for your dog’s health?

Not Providing Necessities Regularly
Daily your dog will need to eat and have fresh water, go for a walk and will periodically need medical checkups and to be groomed. Not providing these necessary tasks on a schedule shows an irresponsibility in providing adequate care for your dog. Put together a schedule of what you need to provide for your dog and make sure it gets done so your dog can maintain optimum health.

Not Dog-Proofing Your Home
Dogs are curious animals and it is important for owners to help protect the. If you haven’t already dog-proofed your home, it is important to do so. Internally, look for items that could accidentally be chewed or swallowed that could be harmful to your pup, like power cords, small toys and even people food. Chocolate is one of the most harmful human foods to dogs - make sure it is out of your dog’s reach. When you go outside, also look for ways to safe-proof your yard. One of the most important is a safety need to keep your dog in your yard - like an invisible fence. Also make sure your hard is free and clear of lumber and other tools that could harm your dog.

Not Taking Safety Measures
If your dog where to escape, it is so important to have your dog tied to you. At the very least it is important that your dog have a collar and ID tag that has your dog’s name, you name and phone number and your veterinarian. It is also a good idea to get your dog micro chipped that way no matter what happens to your dog’s collar and ID tag your dog is still connected to you.

Not Providing Training/Socialization
Dogs need to be taught proper interaction and rules of the world by their owner. Owners should train their dog, more than simply learning how to sit and stay. They also need to learn when it is appropriate to bark and when they are simply driving your neighbors crazy, (in this case you may want to look into a dog bark collar). It is also important to socialize your dog with other people and other animals.

Leaving Dog Outside All Day
Dogs love being outside, however they need to have the proper shelter to protect them from extreme weather. If it is going to be hot out, your dog needs to have cool water available and a shaded shelter to help your dog be comfortable. The same goes for excessive cold or wind. Your dog needs to have food and water in a safe place and also a shelter to protect your dog from the excessive weather. Most importantly, it is best to limit outside time and be able to bring your dog inside when the weather becomes unbearable.

Irresponsible Breeding
Unless you plan on taking the necessary steps to breed your dog responsibly, meaning selecting its mates and future owners for the puppies, it is best to have your dog spayed or neutered to be responsible. There are so many homeless animals it is best not to contribute to the problem.

Susan Wright is an experienced veterinarian, dog fence expert, and freelance writer. To learn more about Susan’s work and the products Susan represents visit

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