Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reduce Your Heating Bill By 15 Percent By Fitting A Durable Underlay

It is important to fit underlay to complete the finish of your carpet. If you want to fit a new carpet or laminate flooring, underlay is recommended to prolong the life of your flooring. There are many benefits to underlay. It creates a cushion for your feet, keeps the carpet looking new and prevents it from becoming flat and worn and acts as a shock absorber enabling the flooring to last throughout its lifetime. In addition, a carpet with underlay helps to reduce noise and some types of underlay for laminate flooring can reduce the volume of noise by approximately 50 percent.

Tredaire underlay is a popular option because of its durability, noise reduction, and warmth. New underlay beneath your carpet or laminate flooring also retains heat in the home, which can reduce the overall cost of heating your home by approximately 15 percent. A carpet with underlay is hygienic and easier to clean. Embedded dirt can damage or cut the carpet fibres over time, but a carpet with underlay will lift during vacuuming to ensure that the entire surface area is cleaned.

Types of Underlay

There are two types of underlay – sponge (flats and waffles) and crumb rubber. Sponge underlay is manufactured from synthetic rubber, which has the features of natural rubber without the odour. Although sponge underlay offers good stability, heavy furniture can leave indentations.

The two variants of sponge underlay are flats and waffles. Flats are made from an opaque rubber, which provides incredible durability and support. It is a good choice of underlay to reduce noise pollution in wood and laminate flooring. Waffles gains its name from its patterning on the base of the underlay, which provides excellent insulation and comfort. It is an affordable type of underlay, but it is not the best underlay for every day use as it can become squashed in heavy use areas.  However, this is an underlay type offered by the majority of retailers and is available in a variety of weights from 60lbs to 150lbs. The heavier the waffle underlay the softer and more comfortable it will feel beneath your feet. Use it as an affordable option for spare rooms, but opt for a 130 to 150 lbs weight for high traffic areas.

Crumb rubber is a popular underlay type, which is manufactured from the recycling of used car tyres. The granulated rubber particles are merged to form a durable underlay that is perfect for high traffic areas. It is resistant to furniture indentation marks, which makes it ideal to place under heavy furniture. Crumb rubber is also an environmentally friendly underlay, as it is manufactured from 80 percent recycled content. Crumb rubber underlay is not measured by its weight, but its thickness. Choose from 7mm to 11mm, the latter being the thickest underlay for extreme durability and comfort.

To Summarise

There are benefits to fitting underlay beneath your carpet or laminate flooring. It retains heat, reduces noise pollution, and also helps to keep the flooring looking brand new. Thicker underlay like crumb rubber is available in a variety of thicknesses, but a frequent underlay type offered by retailers is waffle underlay. This is measured by weight and not thickness. If you are interested in choosing an environmentally friendly underlay, crumb rubber is your best bet as it is made from 80 percent of recycled material. It is better to pay more for a durable underlay than a cheaper option that will retain indentations from heavy furniture. Choose cheaper underlay for spare rooms, but a thicker underlay for high traffic areas like the living room, hallway, bedroom, and kitchen.

Wendy Derbyshire is a writer who recommends Tredaire underlay as an option to reduce noise pollution and retain heat in your home.

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