Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Freeing Up Room In Your Home

Maximising your storage space is the key to organising any home—from tiny city flats to huge countryside mansions. Whether you need extra space to organise items such as coats and shoes or to store dried goods and small appliances in your kitchen, here are a few ways to free up space so that you have room for everything you need—without the clutter:

1)    Optimise the room’s vertical space.
This is a great tip you can utilise in any room in your room. Whenever you need additional storage space, think about how you can optimise the room’s vertical space first. In the kitchen, consider building more cabinets or adding open shelving units over the stove or sink to store small gadgets and utensils. In the kids’ bedrooms, choose a loft bed that will accommodate a small desk or wardrobe beneath it.

2)    Look to doors and entryways.
Two spaces that are often overlooked in your home are doors an entryways, yet they can be ideal spaces for additional storage. In the bathroom, add shelving and basket units behind the door to organise your makeup, toiletries, cleaning products or towels. In the living room and bedroom, consider adding shelving units over the doorways that will accommodate books, knick knacks, and your favourite memorabilia.

3)    Buy furniture with built-in storage.
 It is well worth nvesting in multi-functional furniture to aid in turning each room of your home into an organised and inviting space for your visitors. Living room coffee tables, entertainment centres, and ottomans often come with built-in storage where you can stow books, magazines, video games, and other accessories. Elsewhere, butcher’s trolleys and office desks with built-in shelving make wise investments as well.

4)    Utilise storage spaces in the staircase and the attic.
If you’ve exhausted ideas for additional storage in your inhabited rooms, look to spaces that don’t get a lot of foot traffic. The small storage space under the stairs can be a great place to store everything from Christmas decorations to out-of-season coats and shoes, while the attic may be used to store old keepsakes and memorabilia. If these spaces are already taken, take a good hard look at what’s filling up the space and determine if it can be tossed or donated. Be wary, however, and make sure to check for damp or mould before storiing items in spaces such as these.

5)    Purge unwanted, outdated, and expired items.
Hands down, the best way to free up space in your home is to get rid of the clutter you already have. Tackle your kitchen clutter by getting rid of inoperative gadgets and checking the expiration date on canned and dried goods. In the living room, consider selling back that unwanted furniture or outdated collection of DVDs in your entertainment centre. Car boot sales or wesites such as eBay are great for shifting unwanted items. In the home office, scan important documents for digital filing and lose the paper copy. Finally, clear out old clothes and toys from the bedroom closet—you’ll be surprised just how much extra space you already have in your home!

Chris is an interior designer and is particularly interested in techniques for utilising space. 

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