Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Perks Of Modern Day Car Hire

The car hire industry was first established in 1918 when an American businessman by the name of Walter L Jacobs used the Model T Ford to make the first baby steps into this brave new world. Six years later, in 1924, he sold his business to one John Hertz who renamed the company after himself; a company that still exists to this day with premises all over the world.

In today’s world car hire is a big industry with a multitude of perks for anyone wishing to take advantage of it. From being a green alternative to running your own car to being a great way to enhance your holiday; here are 6 perks to hiring a car or any other vehicle.

It’s Cheaper Than Running Your Own Car –

With fuel prices constantly rising and the cost of living creeping up too it now costs the average car owner hundreds of pounds a year to keep their vehicle on the road. By ditching the car in favour of hiring one whenever you need the use of a vehicle it could save you plenty of money in the long run. No more tax costs, no more MOTs and you’ll only pay as and when you hire you vehicle.

You Get To Drive Different Cars –

Do you ever get bored of your run of the mill car but can’t really afford to upgrade it? Well whether you have access to your own vehicle or not you can live life in the fast lane for a fraction of the price. Hiring a car for the weekend or however long you need it for will give you the opportunity to drive a different vehicle every time if you wanted to. There is even a sub industry of luxury car hire that gives you the opportunity to experience being behind the wheel of your dream car.

The Environment Will Thank You

Recent statistics have estimated that there will be approximately 2.5 billion cars on the road by 2050. There is no doubt that the humble motor car has made the world a better pace since it’s invention in 1886 but it has turned out to be a bit of a poisoned chalice due to recent environmental discoveries. By only hiring a vehicle as and when you need it you will cut down the amount of cars on our roads and do your bit for the environment.

It’s A Service Tailored To The Customer –

A lot of people neglect to use car hire services because they feel that they lose control over the use of the vehicle, however most of the best companies will ensure that everything is adjusted to suit you and your needs perfectly. You will be able to pick the car up from a convenient location, collect it at a time that is outside of business hours should you need to and even drop it off in a different location to where you picked it up if you require the vehicle for a one way trip.

It’s There When The Need It Most –

Almost by definition you cannot predict when an accident will occur and therefore you cannot plan for when you will be without your vehicle. Whether you are involved in a collision and your insurance doesn’t include a courtesy car, or your car requires an extended stay in the garage for any reason; car hire will be there to offer as little disruption to your day to day life as possible.

It Will Enhance Your Holidays –

Whether you are planning to enjoy a staycation or a trip abroad this year the chances are that you will want to make the most of your time off. For some people this will mean not doing much at all but for others it will mean cramming as much as possible into a short amount of time. Car hire is a great way to get around on holiday as it means you can travel from place to place at your own pace and you won’t have to be a slave to the time constraints of public transport. This becomes even more of a plus if you are visiting a foreign country.

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