Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Tips On How Businesses Benefit With Facebook Timelines

Facebook, the social media kingpin always pays attention to it's user. They have been adding new features to make the platform more powerful. They have enhanced user experience and accessibility in the recent few years. Facebook timeline is the latest layout design of the social website. In the beginning, the layout had received mixed responses from the users. Internet marketers took that change as a challenge and came up with innovative ideas to maximize the exposure and benefits from facebook timeline.

Here, you will discover 5 tips on how businesses benefit with facebook timelines.

#1 Milestones and events inspire the partners and customers

The new timeline feature of facebook allows fan-page admins to create milestones and events. You can use it for personal or for business purpose. The module shows a flag icon and takes up the whole width of your page. Creating a Milestone allows you to celebrate moments of your organization's history and you can share it with you fans and facebook friends. You can also upload photos to show recent progresses and achievements so far to encourage the clients.

#2 Make sure you're using the cover photo canvas perfectly

You can play with the cover photo feature in the new facebook timeline and make your profile/page more attractive to the customers and fans. You can tweak the concept and use the cover photo space as an advertising board for your business. The cover photo is definitely going to be a very powerful branding tool online. Use it wisely, you'll be surprised to discover how that image will convert and help your business grow.

#3 Share the moments with images and videos

There is a story behind every photograph. And including all these moments in an organized photo album will help you explain everything nice and clear. Whenever you post your album on your timeline, people can share it and spread your words even better because people love watching and sharing photos. Videos are also becoming popular content for facebook business pages these days; you should also try that.

#4 Develop some applications for business branding on facebook

Users spend a lot of time on facebook apps and other interactive contents. Some pages have branded their apps with more graphics and custom tabs. On the left side of your facebook homepage, you can find the recent apps you have used and you can edit their tabs, titles etc. If people like your app, they'd love to read the things u share in your page so that they can share it with their friends too.

#5 Prepare a convincing about us part with "call to action"

You can get all the information about a company in "about us" section and whenever you want, you can communicate with them using the addresses and contact number right there. This is a standard protocol for any business company. Your business company should have the same too! You should prepare a clear, well-organized "about us" section with a convincing CTA (call to action). The customers should be convinced after exploring your company's details on facebook. Play with the words, but keep it simple.

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