Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 7 Popular Bucket List Ideas

Got a bucket list? Everyone’s creating one! Not sure where to start? Here are the top 7 most common things to do before you die.

Swim with dolphins
Both the young and old have been fascinated with dolphins after watching a Seaworld show. These majestic and highly intelligent sea creatures are known for their playfulness, making them perfect for swimming with. We’ve all seen them jump in and out of the water with grace and elegance and now you can be close to the action.

Have you been inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s world breaking record? Jumping out of a plane whilst relaying on a parachute to deploy isn’t for everyone, but the adrenaline rush of hurtling towards the ground at 125mph is unlike anything other. If you don’t fancy going it alone, tandem jumps provide the same feeling whilst having that reassuring safety of a professional in control.

See the Seven Wonders of the World
You’ll get various answers if you ask what are the Seven Wonders of the World. There’s the original list featuring the pyramids of Giza; Natural Wonders of the World such as The Grand Canyon and the new Wonders of the World list containing the Great Wall of China. It’s really up to you as what interests you the most; or you could pick and choose from each list and create your own!

Appear on TV
How do you grab those illusive fifteen minutes of fame? By appearing on TV and keeping a recording of it of course! You might be lucky to get all 15 minutes, but even a brief appearance as an extra or in the background is enough for most people. With the explosion of reality TV, this mission has become a lot easier. Does it sound like cats fighting in an alleyway when you sing? You’ll definitely appear in an episode in one of the many singing competitions.

See the Northern Lights
This spectacular light show is unlike anything other. A natural wonder concocted and orchestrated by Mother Nature herself, the green explosion of light fills the night sky creating the perfect Kodak moment. The pictures look fantastic, but this really has to be seen in person – remember to bring a camera.

Run a marathon
I find this an odd choice too, but it’s always on people’s lists; I thought bucket list items were supposed to be pleasurable? You need a tremendous amount of dedication to prepare yourself not only physically but mentally too. But maybe that provides the motivation to run a gruelling 26 miles - the feeling of achievement at the end.

Climb Mount Everest
If you think running a marathon is a walk in the park, maybe you should try climbing Mount Everest. The gruelling conditions will push your body to the very limit as you reach altitudes of 29ft. The list of things that can and will go wrong is endless, but it’s not all bad however; your body burns around 6,000 calories a day so you get to eat lots of things like biscuits.

While the purpose of a bucket list is things to do before you die, several of these suggestions could cause an injury. Personal injury solicitors can help you claim in the event of an injury that wasn't your fault.
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