Thursday, April 11, 2013

Securing Your Home From High Energy Bills

Do you recycle? Do you turn your thermostat down, or up, while you are gone for the day? Do you make sure you aren't wasting electricity by turning off all appliances and lights in your home before you leave for work? Living more energy efficiently doesn't just help the environment, it also helps your wallet stay a little fuller! How does more money in your budget every month from lower energy bills sound? Pretty good, right? Follow these simple steps to live a little more energy efficiently, and a little richer!

Turn everything off before you leave and unplug it.

We all do it. Leave a lamp on during the day by mistake. While it's super important to remember to turn everything off, it's even more important to also unplug appliances before you leave. Even when something is in off mode, if it is still plugged in then it is wasting energy. If you can't seem to remember to do this before you leave, you can go to the next best thing. Try to find lightbulbs that use 20-30% less energy at your local home improvement store. At the store, you can also find appliances that use energy efficient resources to perform their tasks. This means that even if you accidentally leave a lamp on all day, at least you won't be wasting as much energy. The same goes for if you accidentally left the coffee maker on in a rush to get to work on time.

Don't waste water.

Those long, extra hot showers that you take in the morning to wake yourself up have got to go! Not only are you wasting water, you are running your water bill up the flag pole each time you decide to take a half-hour long shower. Stop turning the water as hot as it can go as well. This will also eliminate the risk of your water heater from breaking. The rest of your family will thank you, too, because they will actually be able to take a hot shower since you didn't waste all of the hot water! Cut the shower time in half. Get in, get out. Simple as that!

Alarm system with an app.

Most alarm systems nowadays are entirely wireless. Some companies like Smith Security are even equipping homes with energy efficient settings. The great thing about this is you can access that lamp you left on in the morning rush with a smartphone, laptop, or computer. Lamp and small appliance modules keep your energy bills from sky rocketing each month. Secure your home and your wallet!

Reuse, reduce, recycle.

This is so important to the environment. If you don't recycle, you are just accumulating waste in our landfills. If you reuse certain things around your home, you are saving money! It's a win-win for both you and Earth. Start using cotton towels instead of paper towels to clean up the counters or to use as napkins. Start making your own organic laundry detergent. Things like this will help you reduce costs around your household every month!

About the author: Carly is an avid blogger for Smith Monitoring who loves the summertime in Texas.  Dog parks and coffee shops beware.

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