Monday, March 11, 2013

What Was The Liberty Bell?

When people reference the Liberty Bell, you may automatically think of the iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But it's also the name of the very first Slot Machine invented by Charles Fey in the early 19th century in San Francisco, California. When it first rolled out, the Liberty Bell consisted of 3 spinning drums with 5 symbols on cards - horseshoes, spades, diamonds, hearts and a Liberty Bell, hence the eponymous name with a total payout of 50¢ by scoring 3 bells.

A Worldwide Sensation
It was an instant success and Fey had a hard time keeping up with the demand to have the "Bell" Machine in various locales, stores and companies. Today, many casinos all over the world sport different versions of the Slot Machine, some with fruits and others sporting numbers or letters but all stay true to Fey’s vision of his Automated Payout Machine, the Liberty Bell.
People visiting casinos from the olden days to the present tend to play Slots more often than other casino games due to the fact many know that no real skill or technique is needed to play them. All they need to do is deposit cash, usually coins, select certain lines and play with Lady Luck.
Luckily, the stage of online gaming presents more opportunities to the casual gamer and the more serious slots player alike.

Advantages of Playing Casino Slots Online
-Play all your favourite slots games from the comforts of home - without major expenses to get to a casino with Slot Machines

-Online Slots give better percentages than in-house casinos due to the fact that overhead fixed costs are decreased

-Both serious and casual players are supported with online betting options for as low as a few cents

-Real money slots are readily available with simple ways to access them

Online Casinos Games
Many people enjoy playing free slots games online because they don’t run the risk of having to lose money when “placing” their bets on a machine that runs on chance. These online casinos, however also have many options available for the more intuitive players that play in their casinos. Real-money deposits are one such option that allows these players to enjoy playing slots at home and online without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

Real-money deposits also offer signup bonuses that gift players an “additional bankroll” along with their existing, current bankroll.  They also offer no deposit bonuses for the players that register with online casinos, which can be considered as free slots games.  These perks can include bonus rounds on slots games; free spins on slots games online which also encompass tournaments which all are readily available to the online player.

Adding Spice to the Free Online Slots Games
As a general acknowledgement, many slots players agree that slots are games of chance with Lady Luck. But there are still some aspects of the game that allow for  strategy.  Many online gaming centers provide various tips about how to “beat” these odds. The tips can teach you how to properly use your bankroll, understanding the payout rates of slot machine games, how and when to use your bonuses, free spins and the like.

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