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How To Make A Candle

Making candles is so much fun and what’s more it can save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, you will wonder why you ever bought a candle in the first place! Add essential oils to the mix and you can even recreate your favourite aromas to release through your home.

Wax (paraffin wax beads and beeswax, or old candles)
Mould for the candle
Double boiler
Optional items
Essential Oils

First of all a few safety precautions: Wax has a flash point of around 300*F, so you need to make sure you have a way to monitor the temperature when you melt the wax or risk it bursting into flames. Wax is also very messy and very hard to clean. It is advisable to cover the area you are working on in newspaper.

Step 1 – Double Boiler – Pour water in the bottom pan and pour either the paraffin wax beads or old candle wax in the top pan. As we have already stated above make sure you have a way of measuring the temperature. Whilst the wax melts prepare your moulds.

Step 2 – Prepare The Mould - You can buy a wide range of moulds from tear able, disposable ones to glass moulds. If you are using a glass mould make sure you rub the inside of the glass with oil on a paper towel to make it easier to remove the candle. You need to thread the wick through the centre of the mould and it is advisable to leave a good few centimetres of wick sticking through the hole at the bottom. At the top of the mould you will want to fix it in the place by sticking it to the pin that sits across the mould.

Step 3 – Add Essential Oils To The Wax – Scenting your candle is easy. Just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the melting wax. Depending on where you are placing the candle will decide upon which essential oil you use. For example do you want to create an atmosphere of energy or calmness?

Step 4 – Pour The Wax - This is a delicate situation. Make sure you pour the wax into the mould quickly and all in one go. This will help minimise both spillage and bubbles in the wax. You will want to make sure you leave some of the wax in the pan still melting as when the wax hardens it will sink and you will need to top this up.

Step 5 – Pop The Bubbles – It is inevitable that as the wax cools you will get air bubbles trapped inside, you need to regularly pop these using either a cocktail stick or a needle. This is why you need to keep some extra wax melting as the releasing the air bubbles will make the wax sink.

Step 6 – Removing The Mould – You will have wait four or five hours for the wax to be completely dry before removing it from the mould. You will want to snip the wick, it is recommended to leave about half a centimetre at the lighting end of the wick. One great tip to even out the base of the candle is to use a hot pan so the base is perfectly smooth.

You will have to wait 24 hours before lighting the wick for the first time. Happy Creating!
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