Friday, March 29, 2013

How Practicing Yoga And Pilates Can Improve Your Health

Both yoga and Pilates can be beneficial to people’s health. Hatha yoga and Pilates can be used to improve concentration, control, precision, centering, and breathing. Hatha yoga is recommended more for stretching and Pilates is recommended more for strength training, but there are still more differences between the two types of exercises. Here are some explanations of the two common exercises:

Pilates is performed on one large machine primarily. This exercise is different from yoga because it requires a machine rather than just a mat. For the most part, strength can be developed with Pilates support. This achieved control and balance can then be used to perform yoga poses safely.

The benefits of Pilates include improved muscle strength and tone, and increased flexibility and abdominal strength. Pilates also improves posture and rehabilitation. Improved concentration, increased lung capacity, and circulation can also be improved with Pilates. With a new awareness of the body, it is easier for one to improve their health.

Pilates exercises do not result in considerable sweating or straining, but the exercise does involve intense concentration. The exercises are performed in smaller repetitions of five or ten. One session typically lasts one hour and 15 minutes or one hour and 30 minutes.

The Pilates method is specialized to each individual. There is individual attention given to all participants such as pregnant women, and also people with limited mobility or low fitness levels.

Hatha Yoga
Like Pilates, yoga involves deep and conscious breathing. This breathing cleanses the body and helps people to relax and get a deeper stretch. Flexibility is important as people age. When people engage in yoga, they can focus on the asanas, poses and breathing until they become more centered. People can also build endurance and increase heart rate in a short period of time by participating in yoga.

Yoga is a detoxifying exercise that is rejuvenating. Many people feel a new sense of awareness and less anxiety after engaging in yoga exercises. Other benefits of yoga include:

• Reduced fatigue
• Better concentration
• Enhanced ability to concentrate
• Increased flexibility of the muscles and joints
• Improved postural strength
• Improved energy levels
• Better ability to cope with stress

Hatha Yoga and Pilates Can Benefit Your Health
Hatha yoga and Pilates can be beneficial to your health. While some of the poses in yoga are difficult to perform, both of the exercises are easy on the joints and build strength. Yoga and Pilates give people time to focus on a higher level and relax while achieving a cardiovascular exercise.

Egbert Palmer is a law-firm attorney in Victoria, BC. He works late nights and constantly feels pressured by the deadlines he has to meet. Prior to going to Feel Good Yoga & Pilates, he didn't have an outlet to release his stress. Now, he finds that even going to a class once a week can help him relax and increase his productivty and awareness at work. He recommends it for anyone who is looking for a way to increase their exercise regime and relax at the same time.

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