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Why Newborn Photos Are Best Within Ten Days Of Birth

baby photography with propsAs parents are awaiting the birth of their little one, they are likely making a lot of preparations. From planning the christening to purchasing furniture for the nursery, a number of a arrangements have to be made for when the child arrives. Another activity in which many families engage is the newborn photo shoot. Why is within ten days of birth the best time to take these pictures?

Precious Mommy Time
Generally, a mother will have at least six weeks or so off after the birth of her baby. While the father might come along to watch these pictures being taken, these sessions are often precious time spent with mommy. She'll be able to spend time with her little one and will have the opportunity to socialize with another adult for awhile during the photography session. It's an event that she will remember for a lifetime.

Looking Like a Newborn
If you have ever seen a newborn right after birth and then once again a month or two later, you'll likely have realized how different he or she looks. Babies change so rapidly, and it's important to do that photo shoot within the first ten days if you really want your little one to look like a newborn in it. After that, he or she will start to change and grow.

Picture Positions For Babies
You've probably seen a lot of photos of newborns in adorable little positions. They might be laying as they did while still inside of the womb. When babies are this young, they are often fairly flexible, so these cute little photos can be arranged. Of course, you want to choose a professional who is very experienced in taking newborn photo shoots and knows how to carefully and safely position your beautiful baby.

Calm, Relaxed and Peaceful Newborn
As your baby gets older, he or she is going to get into more of a routine. Not being fed at a certain time or not having his or her diaper changed right away are going to become bigger and bigger problems. Once a routine is acquired, your baby might never want to have any disruptions to it. Within those first ten days, everyone is still adjusting to the routine, and your baby will likely be a lot calmer. An older baby might be very fussy during the photoshoot, but a newborn will usually be quite peaceful, ensuring that you have plenty of stunning photos to share with family members and friends.

The decision regarding when to take newborn photos is a really personal choice, and you might be more comfortable waiting until your baby is older. However, if you are ready, during the first ten days is an excellent time to do so.
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