Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Most Expensive Cars To Insure

You may have guessed that the most expensive cars to insure are the sports cars of the luxury manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche. There are a number of factors which make these cars expensive insurance-wise and it’s not just because they’re expensive to buy, it’s also to do with the speeds that they’re capable of and how fast they can reach those speeds. These cars are also seen as a bigger risk on the roads because of the speeds that they’re capable of and the temptation to drive faster when you have a car with the capability to do so.

This list isn’t just about the stupidly expensive sports cars that people can only dream of owning, they’re cars that are from the dealerships that you find in most high street car showrooms like Lexus, Chevrolet, BMW and Mercedes.

Mercedes Benz CL-Class
First on the list is the Mercedes Benz CL-Class range. This is one of Mercedes’ top ranges coming in at around £94,000 when new, but that’s not the only reason insurance is so high. The fact that they have between 382 and 509 BHP and can travel at 155 MPH and reach 60 MPH between 4.5 and 5.3 seconds all contribute to the high insurance price.

BMW 6-series
Next is the BMW 6-series; no matter what model you choose they all have a top speed of 155 MPH but the punch comes from the BHP which ranges between 308 and 442. This is an extremely small but high performing car which is why the insurance costs are so high.

Porsche 911
The Porsche 911, a little more sporty but by no means a car that is out of people’s reach. Depending on the model you choose you could be paying from £79,000 for the Porsche 911 Carrera and £133,000 for the 911 Turbo S model and be experiencing top speeds between 178 MPH and 190 MPH, and it is this reason that insurance premiums are so high. However, unlike the previous two cars, the 911 does boast a whole host of technical accessories which makes the engine as economical as possible.

Lexus LS
The Lexus LS is probably the most ‘un-green’ car in the list; in insurance group 50 (the most expensive insurance group), it’s no wonder the insurance is expensive. For a new one the cost is just over £90,000 and you’ll get to experience 0-62 in 6.3 seconds, which is a little slower than the rest, but it’s still nothing to be argued with.

Article written by James Conway who loves his Porsche 911 and has used - go and compare the insurance market to make sure he isn't paying more than he needs to for his car insurance.

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