Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Be Frugal with Printables

In today’s world of labile economies, many major corporations once considered a household name in stability, have been forced to downsize employees. To care for their families, many heads of households have had to settle for jobs well below their level of expertise, with drastic reduction in income.

Others more creative have started small home businesses, on shoestring budgets. Frugality has become the order of the day and methods such as printables, which help to stretch the dollar to its utmost, is a welcomed entity in many households. Various types of printables can be found on the web, all of which are beneficial to the populace in general. This help them cut cost and afford items in several areas, such as the following:

Small Business Printables

Small business owners can present a professional front to the public, by downloading free printables for their home office. These include:

  • Free business proposal examples
  • Printable Calendars
  • Cover letters
  • Business cards
  • Cash receipts
  • Business forms
  • Time cards
  • Sign examples
  • Invoice templates
  • Time Sheets

These are just a few of the various printables available, which can help small business owners set up and run a successful business, at drastically reduced cost.

Printables for Home Use
With the steadily dwindling of the dollar, families can make use of printables in several ways to economize, yet not deny their households quality items and merchandise. This involves downloading:

  • Printable cost-effective menus
  • Printable coupons for the purchase of food at fine restaurants, fashionable clothing,
  • Home improvement materials or toys to keep the kids occupied
  • Pintable arts and crafts for kids home activities
  • Grocery lists
  • Chore Charts
  • Invitations
  • Birthday Party examples

Educational Printables

This is a cost-effective method for schools to fund classroom projects without dipping too deeply in the budget. Schools that are economically challenged can provide educational activities with printables. These include printables such as:

  • Color by number
  • Field trip ideas
  • Lesson aids
  • Puzzles
  • Clip arts and a host of other information and templates.

Various sites online provide free or low cost printable material for any grade, from pre-school to sixth. This is an educational paradise for those involved in home-schooling especially, where funding for scholastic material is limited.

Juvenile Printables
Printables provide inexpensive and innovative ways to keep kids occupied at home, when inclement weather keep them out of school. Several free fun activities can be found online, which will keep them entertained for hours. These include mazes, puzzles of various kinds including connect the dots, color or paint by numbers and coloring sheets or pages can be found online.

Families can be creative and invent games, where the kids have to buy, sell and trade, using printable play money in the different denominations. This is a great educational tool which will help kids with their math problems, at the same time introducing them to the world of commerce.

Miscellaneous Printables
These are especially beneficial for anyone on a budget, or those who enjoy frugal spending to channel their savings into other areas, such s a favorite charity. Printables help from planning and organizing an event to the purchasing of the items needed to make the event successful. These include:

  • Professional looking invitation cards in any amount. These can be downloaded free or at a minimum cost, depending on choice of product.
  • Decorations for the area including colorful banners and pennants
  • Place Cards in color and patterns from a wide assortment to choose from
  • Ideas for games, gifts and various fun activities for guest entertainment

Frugality by using printables, by no means denote stinginess or a scrooge mentality. Rather, once the legal directives for downloading is followed, it is a smart and effective method, for families to save and provide things to benefit their household, they could not ordinarily afford.

Becka Braley writes about personal finance, couponing and more. Her most recent work is about her journey earning a finance degree.

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