Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Entertain Yourself - 7 Ways To Ward Off Boredom At Home

Erich Fromm once said: “Boredom is nothing but the experience of a paralysis of our productive powers.” And it’s true. Boredom, no matter how much we like to blame it on other factors, is entirely our own fault. And solving boredom, is a solution that only the person suffering from boredom can implement.

On that note, here are 7 ways that you can stop yourself from becoming bored in your home. Some are a bit weird, some are a little mundane, but all of them will help those hours start to fly by:

Play the Wikipedia Game
Wikipedia. It’s not just great for last minute assignments or solving pub arguments. It’s also your best friend when it comes to boredom busting. Playing the Wikipedia Game is simple:

1) Choose a random word – let’s say ‘banana’
2) Open Wikipedia and click on the ‘Article of the Day’
3) By only clicking on the hyperlinks in articles, you need to make it from the ‘Article of the Day’ to your chosen word in as few clicks as possible.
So, to get to ‘banana’ from ‘Lady Saigo’ (which was my ‘Article of the Day’) you could click on ‘Chrysanthemum Theatre’, ‘English language’, ‘Australia’, ‘Queensland’ and then ‘banana.’ Try it. It’s strangely addictive.

Have a dance party
When Billy Idol sang happily about dancing with himself, he was definitely onto something. Dancing is a naturally awkward and embarrassing thing to do; why do it in front of other people when you can do it in the comfort of your own home? For best effects, close all the blinds in your house and make sure that the music is up loud (if you think the neighbours could have a problem with this, wear headphones instead.) Hours of fun and, better still, the nightclub in your living room doesn’t charge entry.
Wipe your high score, and start again
Everyone has their video/computer game weakness. Mario Kart? Tetris? Minesweeper? Surely there’s something that once ate up hours and hours of your time as you tried to get that perfect score. But then you got it. And you never played with the game ever again. So, how can you fill up hours of your time once more? Wipe it. Start again. Let’s a go, Mario!

Clean out a cupboard
It’s not the most interesting way to kill time, but the best thing about committing yourself to cleaning/re-organising some shelves is that it’s a two step process; once you’ve got all of the junk out, you then have to commit to putting everything away again, which means that it’s a job that eats up a lot of time.

Develop a new party trick
You know that one person in your circle of friends who can do the splits, or throw a piece of popcorn in the air and catch it in their mouth? How do you think they learnt how to do that? Dance class? Clown college? No. They learnt it one day when they were really bored and had nothing else to do. And yes, learning how to do the splits is a serious suggestion that has been accomplished in a (particularly boring) afternoon; gravity is a wonderful thing.

Learn that you were really misguided in your preschool crayon usage
When you were a little kid and your parents couldn’t think of anything for you to do, crayons and a piece of paper was always their go to solution. Things don’t need to change now that you’re older, but they do get a little bit more awesome. Create a vibrant piece of artwork by placing a large piece of paper on an easel outside and sticky taping crayons to the top. Next, grab a hairdryer and melt the crayons down the page. Let it dry and, voila! A bright piece of crayon art that is definitely worthy of being stuck up on the fridge.

Call up a friend from a long time ago
No, not the friend you had that huge fight with because you may or may not have owed him money and he may or may not have caused you to break up with that perfect person. Definitely not that friend. But a friend who you might have gotten on well with at a certain time in your life and then, as that time passed, you just fell out of contact with. Or one who moved away, out to the vibrant Southern Highlands so that you never got to see them again. Give them a call on the phone; they’ll probably be flattered that you thought to get back in contact. And, if you’re lucky, they might want to meet up again, which will give you a few less bored hours to try and fill.

Frances Ward is a writer from Sydney. When she’s not planning vacations to the vibrant Southern Highlands, she’s sitting at home being a little bit… bored. Maybe she needs to take some of her own advice?

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