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An Eco-Friendly Approach To Driving

Going green has become all the rage over the last few years. The movement which started by encouraging people to do small things like recycle has now grown to impact almost all areas of life. Going green can now be applied to everything from how we eat to what we wear and even how we build our homes and businesses. It can also be applied to other areas such as traveling and driving. Green vacations have become such a hit that there are even websites dedicated solely to this type of travel. Below you will find tips on how to travel and drive and still be friendly to the Earth.


Ecotourism is a trendy type of vacation planning that will allow travelers to have adventures while enjoying Earth’s natural beauty.  According to the International Ecotourism Society it is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people.  Some of the key elements in this industry include minimizing your impact and building environmental and cultural awareness and respect.

Eco Friendly Travel Tips

Eco friendly travel can be enjoyed by single travelers and families alike. The main thing to keep in mind when embarking on this type of travel is minimizing your impact. Put another way you want to try and leave your destination looking a little bit better than it did when you first arrived.
Walk instead of drive or use public transportation. Walking in this case can serve multiple benefits, not only are you helping the environment but you are also getting good exercise. If the end of the day comes and you don’t have the energy to walk back to your hotel, use public transportation.

Eco Friendly Driving

Even when you are not on vacation, you can still be ecofriendly on the road. Consider alternate forms of transportation rather than driving everywhere. If you can, walk to your destination. If that’s not feasible, consider using public transportation.
Watch your driving style keep in mind that most cars run at their peak at 60 mph and remove heavy objects from the vehicle when you don’t need them.
Purchasing an ecofriendly car can have a positive impact on both the environment and your wallet. The less often you have to buy gas, the more you will have to put on other purchases. Companies like Chrysler and Jeep offer services deemed environmentally friendly and are joining the ranks of companies offering ecofriendly vehicles.
As you can see, being ecofriendly on the road is not a hard challenge. It may take some extra planning but the time you spend now will be worth it in the end.
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