Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Brief History Of Online Scratch Cards

Playing scratch cards has never been easier! Online scratch cards have made it possible for anyone to enjoy playing anytime and anywhere. No need to go to a convenience store or nearby kiosk to buy them.  No more would you have to ruin those freshly manicured nails trying to scratch off boxes. You no longer need to waste time looking for that penny in your purse.  Just a few clicks of your mouse and you are on your way to having an enjoyable time playing scratch card games and possibly winning some cash at the same time.

It is so easy to play that there are some online gaming enthusiasts who play scratch cards while playing other casino games like blackjack, poker and bingo.  Scratch card games are also available on mobile devices. You can download scratch card games and download them on your smartphone or tablet so you can enjoy endless hours of scratch card fun.

Online scratch cards have become very popular because they are more convenient to buy, provide bigger jackpots and are more entertaining than its land-based counterpart. But how did this phenomenon come about?

Early History of the Scratch Card
Thanks to the genius of John Koza and Daniel Bower that we now have scratch cards. In 1973, Koza and Bower teamed up to form Scientific Game Corporation. At that time lottery tickets were very popular but people who buy lottery cards would have to wait several days before they found out if they had won.

The team of Koza and Bower invented the scratch card for people to instantly find out if they had the winning ticket. Instead of waiting for days for a lottery draw, all people need to do is to buy a scratch card, scratch off the opaque portion and see if their card had the winning combination.
Koza, a graduate of Computer Science at the University of Michigan developed the algorithm for the scratch card game. Bower was the marketing maven who was responsible for making these games attractive for the people.   The scratch card was first launched by the Massachusetts Lottery Commission.  And the rest, as they say is history.

Take a Card, Any Card!
The popularity of scratch cards spread from Massachusetts to other states in the US. Majority of state lotteries now offer scratch card games.  Scratch cards can be bought at convenience stores, kiosks, even newsstands.

From the US, scratch cards made its way into the UK in 1995. The National Lottery offers scratch cards for as low as 10 pence to as high as £20.  Higher prized cards offer higher prizes. To date, the highest scratch card jackpot paid out by the National Lottery was a whopping £2,000,000!
Today, you can find scratch cards practically anywhere. They are even used by different organizations for fundraising events. You would often find scratch cards with different themes such as sports, celebrities, events, pets, and many more.

Hooray for Online Scratch Cards!
Now there is an even better way of enjoying scratch cards – through the internet. Playing scratch card games online is easier, more convenient, more entertaining and faster to play than buying a card at a local 711. Scratch card sites also offer free games so you can enjoy playing scratch cards without money. This is an awesome feature of online scratch cards which allow you to test the games first before buying a card. Online scratch cards are easy to play games that are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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