Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3 Ways To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal On Your New Car

Everyone loves the thought of a new car, but most people do not enjoy the cost of paying for one. Whether you are purchasing a less expensive model or one of the priciest ones on the market, ways still exist for you to get the best price on the car. Don't just walk into the dealership and think the answer will come to you. Follow these steps to be a successful researcher and negotiator.

Browse Online Before Going to the Dealership

Before heading to any of the dealerships, you might assume that all of the local ones will have the exact same price for the vehicle you want; however, this simply is not true. For a variety of reasons, different dealerships could have significant gaps in the prices they are asking for on a particular model. It's fairly easy to access a list of prices online, so be sure to do that before you go to any of the shops. You may want to print out this information as well, and you can try asking one dealership if it will meet the price you have from another one. If the answer is no, seriously consider choosing the other one.

Researching the Values Online

Another step you must take before going to any dealership is to look for the approximate market value of the car online. Plenty of sources are available for your usage, and you'll likely find that most of these report similar figures. However, be aware that you might also find an estimated value. Generally, when cars go onto the market, the sellers bring this number up, so you might not be able to match the exact price you saw online. Still though, if a gigantic gap exists between the price you saw online and the sticker price of the vehicle, you can certainly ask what the reason is. Often, it's easier to use this as a negotiation tool on older cars and on private sales than on a brand new car that has yet to be driven.

Bring Along a Top Negotiator

No matter how much preparation you do for this event, negotiations can still be scary for even the bravest of folks. Instead of going alone, bring along someone with you who has a proven track record of being a good negotiator. This person can do pretty much all of the speaking when it comes to the price. Remember, the final decision is yours to make. Bringing along someone else is particularly helpful when you're still young. Some people will try to take advantage of your youth and pressure you into opting for a vehicle that is way above what you originally intended to spend.

When you go to a dealership or are purchasing from a private seller, you cannot just expect to get the car for nothing. However, through these research and negotiation tools, you can usually pay at least a little less than was originally advertised.

Xavier Franklin is an expert in negotiation from Brisbane, Australia. He provides these three tips to ensure new car buyers get the best possible deal available. Mr Franklin recommends speaking to your local Suzuki dealer for some of the best new car deals available.

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