Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Ways to Save Money without Spending Money

I love a good bargain or sale. The thought of getting an incredible value thrills me to no end. Coupons, promo codes, penny auctions—you name it and I’ve probably tried it as a means to get more for less.
My husband, on the other hand, is somewhat more pragmatic. He holds to the idea that if you are spending money, no matter how good of a deal you are getting, you’re still spending money, not saving it.
So who is right? Technically, we both are. He is right in that, if you weren’t going to buy the item initially, how can you be saving money just because you got a discount on it? I am right in that, if it was an item you had to purchase anyway, why not get the best deal that you can?

Even so, the fact remains that these days making every penny count is more important than ever. So, in that vein, I’d like to offer you three tips for saving money without ever spending one dime.

Eliminate Luxuries
When I say “luxuries,” there is no doubt that means different things to different people. So let’s define the word. To me, luxuries are anything that you don’t need to survive. Notice I said need.
We often think we “need” something when in fact we’ve just become so accustomed to having it that we can’t imagine living without it. But think about it: do you really need your satellite TV? Is there really anything on paid television that you can’t find eventually online, if you’re willing to wait for it? We saved $80 per month by cutting off our TV because it was more important to us to buy a house than to have the Discovery Channel.

Use What You Have as Efficiently As You Can
Determine what your needs are and purchase a product that you can really get the most out of. For example, if you run a contracting business, buy the best contractor accounting software you can afford and then use every feature it has rather than purchasing several different programs to do different tasks. Similarly, if you have a household item that will serve several purposes, then let it. Don’t waste your money on specialty items that only do one job.

If You Can Get it for Free, By All Means, Do!
There are some serious steals to be had out there, you just have to do the research to make sure it really is free. If you have to pay shipping, it’s not free. If you have to give out your contact information and be tempted by future “deals,” it’s not free.

If someone is willing to give you something just because they don’t need or want it anymore, however, snap it up! If it’s something that you need, could use or could modify to use, getting a killer bargain can be a great thrill.

Byline: Carly is an aspiring writer who is constantly looking to expand her portfolio by creating content on a plethora of subjects. She has a wide variety of interests and loves writing about anything and everything. She loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with people all over the world.

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