Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Easy Habits to Cut Your Driving Costs

If you try to live frugally and save money where you can, you may be frustrated by the ever-rising price of gas. If you’re reliant on your car, driving is likely to take up a large part of your monthly budget. However, you can develop certain habits that will cut down on your driving costs and save you money.

1. Maintain your vehicle

Keep your auto in good working condition. Change your air filter when needed, make certain that your wheels are always properly aligned, and maintain adequate pressure in your tires. When your auto works optimally, you will experience better fuel consumption.

2. Drive a car that is good on gas

If your vehicle likes to guzzle gas, you are spending more on fuel consumption than you need to, and a fuel-efficient car will take care of this problem. If you own several vehicles and one is better on gas, use that auto more frequently, especially when driving for extended periods of time.

3. Carpool when you can

Carpooling is a great way to get to your destination and save on gas. You can set up carpools with neighbors and coworkers, and this method will also be beneficial for getting the kids back and forth to school.

4. Drive at a consistent speed

You should always pay attention to the speed limit and obey it. Not only will it save you the expense of a speeding ticket, it will also save you money on gas. When you speed up and slow down frequently while driving or go over the speed limit, your vehicle is consuming more fuel. You can save money by driving at a slower, more consistent speed, and you will also acquire the habit of becoming a safer driver.

5. Combine your errands into one trip

If you are using your car for errands throughout the day and making separate trips, you are also wasting gas. It is more economical to combine as many of your errands into one trip as you can and get everything you need in one outing.

6. Walk

If you can walk to a destination that is not far from your home, do so rather than hopping in the car. You will save on gas and also provide your body with a healthy bit of exercise. It is a win-win situation.

7. Map out a route beforehand

For those times when you need to travel to a certain location, map out your route beforehand so that you will know exactly where you are going. Pick the most direct route and save time and fuel.

8. Use your GPS

If you have a GPS unit, use it. This nifty device will keep you from getting lost when you are traveling to unfamiliar places. You can waste a great deal of gas trying to get back on your proper route when you go off course.

9. Gas up at an economical station

If you can find a station that has economical prices for fuel, stick with it. Obtain your gas where you can save money.

There are a number of ways that you can cut the cost of driving. Follow these tips to begin using your car frugally and have fun with the money you save.

Author Bio: Jane Simpson uses the above tips to make sure she gets more miles for each gallon of gas. She writes for a website that has a useful auto financing calculator that can show you how much a new vehicle will cost each month.

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