Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Moving the Green Way

Are you getting ready to move? Are you an environmentally conscious person? If so, then you may wonder if you can move in a green way. Let's face it. Moving vans, big or small, take fuel and spew pollutants. While you cannot get around that fact, there are ways to reduce your moving impact:

Reduce the amount you move

 You can cut the carbon output of your move by moving less stuff. Be ruthless when going through your household. You can donate or sell furniture, clothing, and other household goods. Not only will you be reducing the amount you move, you will be giving others the chance to own your gently used items. It is a great time to de-clutter every aspect of your household.

Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

 When you are moving, cleaning your old place and getting the new one clean is part of the process. Be sure to pack cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly.

Use household items for packing

 Empty suitcases have only air inside. Fill them with clothing and you have fewer packing boxes required. Laundry baskets are great for blankets and sheets. Look for empty containers that can double as packing boxes.

Use household items for padding

 Towels and clothing make great choices for packing fragile items. You save space and do not need to use other padding materials.

Collect used packing materials

 If you know you will be moving in the next few months, start collecting boxes and other packing materials. Ask family and friends if they have any packing boxes for you. You can go to many retailers who are happy to give boxes to consumers. Liquor stores have strong cardboard boxes that are perfect for dishes and other heavy items. Grocery stores are good for getting strong boxes as well.

Use packing materials made of recycled materials

 Manufacturers are starting to sell packing boxes made of recycled plastic or cardboard. You can buy them from the manufacturer or from someone who already used them.

Get your car ready

 If you are driving your car cross-country, make sure it’s ready for the journey. A car in good condition will leave less impact than one running with problems.

Moving the green way means reducing the amount you move, using less packing material, and making an effort to reduce the carbon footprint you leave. Moving is often a necessity. Being bad for the environment is not.

Author Bio
Lyndsi is a freelance writer and works with storage companies from Extra Space Storage – Dallas to self storage Palmdale CA. In her free time she enjoys biking with her husband and son.

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