Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Make Secret Santa Gifts More Interesting

Secret Santa gifts are commonplace at work nowadays and it can be difficult to choose the right gift, especially if you don’t really know the person you are buying for. Many of us will opt for the easy option, using little imagination and pick gifts which will probably not even be opened. If you want to liven up your secret Santa gifts and use a little imagination, there are some options which will raise a few smiles and show you have put in some effort.

Slogan T-Shirts
A small budget will usually be associated with a secret Santa gift, so this will affect the type of present you can buy for your colleague. Slogan t-shirts are a really good choice, as they don’t need to be too expensive and it will allow you to personalize your gift. It can be difficult if you don’t know the person you are buying for, but you can always do a bit of detective work and find out what their interests are. You can find slogan t-shirts from all the popular television channels or if you are feeling really innovative, you can always get the t-shirt specifically created for your colleague. It depends how much effort you are willing to put in.

Shot Glass
You can’t really go wrong with a shot glass as your secret Santa gift and it is a really good idea if you are on a small budget. It is also a suitable gift for both men and women. You can find shot glasses in all sorts of designs and styles, so this is another gift which you can make a bit personal and show you have put a little thought into it. These are good presents as collectors’ items, even if the person you are buying for is not a big shot drinker.

Smelly Stuff
This is particularly relevant to females, but can also be a secret Santa gift idea for men as well. Smelly stuff is all those delightful lotions and potions you have lying around the bathroom; moisturizer, bath salts and so on, but you can make them a little different than the traditional gift sets. You can find these types of gifts in all sorts of different shapes and styles, so they will be more unique and not as boring as the usual generic gift sets. These presents also range in price, so you can find sets to suit all sizes of budgets.

Novelty Mugs
Novelty mugs are a good idea for secret Santa gifts, as not only are they inexpensive, they are also very useful in the workplace. You will find that most people are tea or coffee drinkers, so this is a gift which you can’t really go wrong with. There are lots of quirky styles of mugs you can get, whether it is the shape of the mug or the slogans on them. You can find many novelty mugs which are specifically related to the workplace, so you will be sure to raise a few laughs with these types of mugs.

Risqué Gifts
If you think your colleague can handle the embarrassment of a rude gift, there are certainly plenty to choose from. These types of gifts are fun and don’t have to cost much either. You can choose items such as an inflatable boyfriend, tassels, chocolate spread and all sorts of other secret Santa gifts which will cause a few laughs. This type of present really depends on your workplace and whether you think it will be taken in good spirit. You don’t want to find your P45 lying on your desk the next day! 

It won’t be long until it’s time to start shopping for your Secret Santa gift, so make sure yours is one to remember.

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