Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome Baskets With Practical Gifts

If you’re planning an event and looking to give your guests welcome baskets, make sure you read this list before buying the items to place in the basket. Many people decide to welcome their guests by giving them a basket, but they fill the basket with items that the guests never end up using. Think about what items your guests will want or need during their trip to and from your event or at your event in general. This list includes some practical ideas that you should consider buying to get your practical welcome basket started.

 Dining Menus
If most of your guests are from out-of-town, include a variety of different dining menus from local restaurants. If you’ve eaten at the place before, circle your personal recommendations. Include recommendations for places that deliver to their hotel, casual restaurants and more upscale restaurants in the area to cover everyone’s preferences.

Guests commonly forget toiletry items at home beyond the toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo that the hotel provides. Set up a little package of other commonly forgotten toiletries, such as dental floss, water bottles, razors, shaving cream, nail polish remover or cotton swabs.

Include practical attire items related to the location of your event. If you’re holding your event in Colorado in the winter, include gloves, scarves, hand warmers and thick sock. If you’re planning an event in a warmer climate, include sunglasses, beach hats and towels.

Fuel those midnight munchies by giving your guests a few packages of snacks that they can munch on between meals.

 Lottery Ticket
If they end up winning, a lottery ticket can be a very practical gift. If not, well at least it’s practical that they didn’t have to pay for it! Use lottery tickets to play off of your theme, such as for a romantic getaway or wedding package, call it “Lucky In Love”.

 Universal Charger
When going away either on vacation or to an event, people sometimes tend to forget their phone or mp3 player charger at home. Find a universal charger that will charge any device and throw that in the welcome basket.

 Camera Accessories
Guests will take pictures at your event, so give them extra batteries to put in their cameras. Or, splurge for an extra memory card for each guest, just in case their finger gets snap happy and they end up taking more pictures than they planned for.

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