Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are Budget Airlines Really a Good Deal?

Whether we happen to be scouring the shelves in the local supermarket for the lowest priced cans of baked beans or searching the specialist automobile websites to find the cheapest deals on a Toyota Prius, we all know the importance of finding a bargain. And with the advent of the Digital Age it has become easier than ever before to search for the best options.

Just a few short years ago, tourists who were planning to fly off to the sun for their annual vacation would have headed to their nearest travel agent to be told the price of flights. There was no discussion about this, you understand; they were simply informed of the cost and were left to make the decision on whether to go ahead and book.

These days, the comparison website has changed the situation, and consumers are able to search for the best deals themselves before they ever agree to pay a certain price. And with the recent emergence of budget airlines in this already congested sector, the traveller generally has a wide choice of options, especially for the more popular routes.

More choice, more bargains?
For example, a person who is looking to book a flight from London to Venice will be able to choose from a number of carriers, including budget airlines and one or two of the major corporations as well. Most people, especially those on a budget, will only consider the cheapest fares, because after all a flight is just a flight, isn’t it?

Some individuals, however, have become a little disillusioned with the budget boys in recent times. They feel that passengers are treated a little cattle-like, perhaps, and they resent the way that a London to Venice flight might really be a Some Place Close to London to Some Other Place a Few Miles Outside of Venice flight.
By the time they factor in the cost of travelling to and from some of the more obscure airports that might be used, the low price offered by a budget airline may not be such a good deal after all. Some of these carriers are quite clever in the way they list their prices, too, and may charge an extra fee for each item of luggage, for example.

In the greater scheme of things, budget airlines will generally offer the tourist a wonderfully cheap way to get from A to B, and will still usually be less expensive than the major carriers. However, if you plan to book with them, you need to be sure of the price you will be paying before you click on the ‘Accept’ button. And remember: you didn’t pay a celebrity price for your ticket, so don’t whine when you don’t get treated like a celebrity!

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Marissa, Brianna, Benny, & Tara said...

I don't think any of the airlines are really budget! We actually take our smaller car when we travel.- Tara Berke Torres