Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 Tips for Trimming Wedding Costs without Ruining Your Big Day

If you’ve been planning your dream wedding since childhood, having to cut back on costs due to the sluggish economy may seem like a bitter pill to swallow. But before you decide that your special day is spoiled, take a few minutes to stop and regroup. There are several ways to plan a less expensive wedding without sacrificing the quality that is so important to you. These ideas may help.

1. Tighten up the Guest List
Most catering companies charge by the person. The fewer guests you invite, the less you will spend. Sit down with your intended and take a look at the guest list. If each of you can find five people to cut, you’ll save a hundred dollars or more. And do you really need to invite your best friend from grade school whom you haven’t seen in over a decade?

2. Be Creative with the Location
Privately owned venues often charge a lot of money to host a wedding service, but it costs little or nothing to hold a ceremony in a local or national park. If you want something a little fancier, be creative. For instance, instead of getting married in a Las Vegas casino, get married in a Delaware casino. You get the same ambience with a much lower price tag.

3. Compromise on Your Wedding Gown
Clothing usually makes up about 10 percent of the cost of a wedding. Instead of buying a brand-new wedding dress fitted just for you, consider other options like shopping at discount bridal shops. You might also consider borrowing a wedding gown from your mother or grandmother.

4. Use a DJ Instead of a Live Band
Paying for a live band can get pretty pricey, especially if the band you select is popular in your community. Instead, consider hiring a DJ for the reception. Not only will hiring a DJ save you money, you may be pleased to have a greater variety of music styles than a live band could offer.

5. Cut Back on Wedding Invitations
If you used to watch “Seinfeld,” then you’re certain to remember the episode where one character purchased cheap invitation envelopes, causing the death of his fiancĂ© whose job it was to lick the seals. You don’t have to skimp that much, but you also don’t have to purchase the priciest paper or all the frills most printing companies will offer. If you have decent design skills, you may even decide to create and print your own wedding invitations on your computer.

6. Save on Food and Alcohol
Consider offering a buffet instead of a catered sit-down meal. When purchasing food, it’s best to select simple dishes that your guests will enjoy eating. Sliced meat, two or three different kinds of cheese, and fruit and vegetable trays are all good choices. Avoid expensive, unusual dishes like caviar. They may sound elegant, but they’re often not that popular. You can also cut wedding costs by limiting your selection of alcohol to beer, wine and perhaps a bottle of champagne to be shared by the wedding party.

7. Timing Is Everything
If you have a flexible timetable, plan your wedding for January, February or March. These “deep winter” months are considered off-season for weddings, and you may be able to book venues at lower prices. Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings. You’ll pay less to rent space if you schedule your wedding for a weekday. Even with a tight economy, you can still have a dream wedding. All it takes is a little advance planning and coordination.

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