Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top tips to make your home eco-friendly

Top tips to make your home eco-friendly

You don’t need to be a hemp-wearing, vegetarian eco-warrior to want to make your home a more eco-friendly place. Having a greener and more energy efficient home contributes to reducing global warming and climate change, but also makes sound financial sense in our current climate of rising energy prizes. Here at the Double Glazing Forum we’ve compiled our top tips for making any home more eco-friendly.


Without added insulation installed, your house loses approximately half of its precious heat through the walls and roof. Insulating your walls and loft space will reduce loss of heat and mean you can turn that thermostat down a notch or two and still be snug and warm through those frosty, winter nights of austerity and recession.


Lighting your house with energy usage in mind can save you money each month, amounting to quite a wad of notes by the end of the year. The most eco-friendly way of lighting your home is to harness natural light by installing skylights and windows that let that daylight stream in.
A simpler way to reduce your lighting bill is to ensure you’re using the most efficient, low-wattage energy-saving light bulbs and consider installing motion sensors that light your way as you move around the house.

Renewable energy

Although we’ve not seen enough sun this summer to have that barbecue you were looking forward to, you could still have harnessed the sunlight to power your home and save on your energy consumption. While the often grim weather of the UK means you’re unlikely to be able to power 100% of your home with solar power, solar panels on your roof will catch enough sunlight to power a proportion of your appliances for free.
One natural resource we do have a lot of in the UK is wind. If you have the space and the money for the initial layout, you might consider installing you very own wind turbine to harness the wind’s power and make those blustery days pay for you.


Just as a house loses heat through the walls and roof, they also leak a large amount through the windows and doors. Installing double or triple glazing will reduce this loss of heat and shut out the noise of the streets outside, meaning you sleep better in your quiet, warm bed while you dream about all that money you’re saving with your new energy-saving windows.
Tom Walker is a freelance writer working with the Double Glazing Forum.


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