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Take these easy steps to save money

Take these easy steps to save money 

MOST people can relate to the trouble and difficulties of trying to save money. Everyone likes spending, but when it comes to saving money, most people will cringe away because we have to admit, sometimes its hard. Often people are not sure how to save money but they dont realise that being resourceful will help them cut down on those spending and stack up on those savings.

The Financial Highway website has listed several resourceful ways of saving money. It does not require attending hours of boring workshops but rather simple things that will keep you smiling as you see your savings increase.

* Shoeboxed: A great way to save money is knowing where you are spending money and keeping track of things, it of course also helps with maximising your tax refund.

* Brown bag: Bring your lunch to work with you, rather than buy it.

nCook at home, rather than get take out: There are great pot meals and 30 minute meals that you can make for healthier less expensive dining.

nLeftovers: Plan your meals so that you can use leftovers in another meal. This can help you save money, and reduce your food waste.

Entertain at home rather than going out: You can save some money by having people at your house, rather than going out. Spend quality time with the family: Having fun at home is great for saving money. Youll get in quality time, and you dont need to spend a lot.

nAvoid driving: When possible, avoid driving. Walk or bike to work, or take public transportation. You can also carpool to share the costs associated with the commute.

Learn to say no: Just say no to more stuff.  Practice conscious spending: Ask yourself why you are buying something. Just because you think you want it isnt a good reason. If you cant come up with at least two concrete reasons why you are buying something, put it back.

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