Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tips for treating depression in the dog

Treating depression in the dog can not be done blindly; we must first identify the causes of disease to choose the appropriate treatment.

We can get together distraught, not knowing what to do when your dog became depressed. But although this may take some time, it is very easy to treat depression by your dog after diagnosing the probable causes of depression and the best treatment adapted to the dog, with the help of a veterinarian. It is essential to know the origin to better treat depression by your dog.
The causes of depression in dogs
  • Many reasons can cause a dog to be depressed: this may be due to his age, severe illness (renal failure, jaundice …), a lengthy hospitalization, moving house, a newcomer to the family, a death of a family member, a trauma (violence, the dog is lost or has been forgotten …) etc.
  • The reasons are many; the trick is to detect signs of depression as they vary from one dog to another. Only a veterinarian can confirm whether this is a depression and provide adequate treatment for depression by your dog.
  • Among the reactions of the dog depression, anorexia ago, escalating aggression or rather an exaggerated fear of everything, phobias, apathy, disinterest of all, undue fatigue and many other signs (biting nails, pee everywhere).
The treatment of depression canine
  • Each case is different. The reasons that take a dog to be depressed are varied. It is therefore essential to determine the veterinarian to treat depression in the dog properly.
  • Some medicines or antidepressants (such as Clomicalm or Zylkene) at higher or lower dose will be prescribed depending on his reactions, his weight, and his past.
  • Homeopathic treatments also can be lavished to the dog.
  • But the most effective treatment is the attention and time that you will give your dog. It’s cuddling, the stimulus, encouraging his to play, walking, playing with other companions on legs … that you will help to begin to take interest in life. In short, show him that you are there for him is the best medicine.

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