Saturday, April 14, 2012

8 Ways to Save Money When You Go to the Movies

Especially Since Movie Tickets Cost More Than $10 Per Person in Some Cities

Did you know that it's not only possible, but likely, that taking the whole family to the movies, including snacks, can easily cost you more than $100? Well, of course you do, which is why a list of helpful money-saving movie-going tips is crucial as the summer movie season grows closer.

Thankfully, the Associated Press writer Joseph Pisani has compiled such a list, which includes everything from using social media and gift cards to discount days and warehouse club purchases.

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Among Pisani's hints for saving cash on movies:

-- Social media: Follow movie theater chains like AMC and Regal on Twitter and Facebook, where they often offer concession coupons and ticket discounts;

-- Gift cards: Search eBay and websites like and for movie gift cards and tickets, which are often sold well below their original price;

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-- Daily deal websites: Groupon, Living Social and frequently offer discounted movie tickets, sometimes offering tix for as low as $6, which, in places like New York City, where a movie can cost $12, is a huge bargain;

-- Discount days and times: Scope out whether or not your favorite theater offers cheap tickets on certain days or at certain times. AMC Theaters, for instance, offer huge discounts on tickets for movies shown before noon. Bonus: crowds are smaller before noon, meaning you're less likely to be in a noisy, packed theater with people who like to talk on their cell phones and sneak in smelly food;

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-- Warehouse clubs: Costco and BJ's, for instance, sell bundle deals that include discounted movie tickets and vouchers for popcorn and other refreshments.

Check out the AP story for the complete list of money-saving ideas, and one more thing: we all know that people often sneak their own snacks into the movie theater, and when a box of Sno-Caps at the theater sets you back $5 or more, versus $1.25 at Walgreens, it's understandable.

But please, out of respect for your fellow movie lovers, don't be that guy who comes to the movies with a plastic container of garlic chicken and broccoli, or worse, something fishy (both of which we've seen, and smelled, people do in NYC movie theaters).

Really. Just don't be that guy.
by Kim Muraro , on Friday, April 13, 2012, 4:45 AM (PDT


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