Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Top Things to Collect as a Hobby

When life begins to get mundane, we start developing “side-businesses” that are exactly like work but something different. These side-businesses, also called hobbies, are vital for us to maintain our sanity because they keep our minds fresh and take us away from the mundane routines that regular life tends to run into. Collecting items is a fantastic way of introducing a breath of fresh air into your lives and here’s some things that can give you the impetus to start devoting some of your time to something interesting.

No, we aren’t talking about the kind you spend every day or have in your bank account – we are talking about the kind you will find very rarely or the kind that cannot really be used anywhere. So if you have some really rare coins or currency notes, you might end up making a fortune out of it. For e.g. some $50 notes, with rare serial numbers, can sell for as much as 2,500 times their actual value. Then there’s the bit about finding notes that are older, but in pristine condition. Those may not be as valuable as probably a currency note with an error on it. Basically, if you find something that’s out of the ordinary, hold on to it!

One of the oldest collecting hobbies, philately is not as common today as it used to be. In the day and age of emails, stamps aren’t really circulated too much and that makes them quite a rare commodity anyway. However, if you are seriously into the hobby and end up finding something rare, you could get yourself a small fortune. Despite the Internet bringing the world closer, stamps are still alive and a lot of new designs are printed every year. There are plenty of places where you can get these stamps and your hobby can continue for, pretty much, as long as you want. The personal collection of the Queen of England is still being added into, almost 155 years after it was originally started by King Edward VII.

The kind of things people do to keep up this hobby is just insane. They dive into other people’s trash cans, rummage through garbage dumps and even jump into rivers and ponds to fish out something that might fit into their collection. Depending on the time when they were made, their shape, their colour and even the thickness & quality of the glass used, these bottles can be quite valuable to the trained eye. You might need a lot of space to keep them so make sure you have a spare room or something before you can start off.

For most people, photographs are memories of a time gone by. For others, they are an obsession. From prints to slides to negatives, photograph collectors are known to travel the world in search of pictures that others might have abandoned. The older the picture, the more valuable it is. The better the condition it is in, the more money they can get for it. People build up their albums not based on their memories of taking those photographs, but based on when and where they found them and who or what, they think, might the people or places in them be.

Collecting anything, whether photographs, bottles or even dolls, is a way of finding purpose in life. It is a way to get you out of the regular routine and give your life a new angle to keep everything fresh. You go out and at all times, you are on the lookout for that one thing that you can add to your collection. The more people think you are mad, the more you know that you are working towards something that holds value for you. So the next time you are wondering about where to get your mental stimulation from, start collecting something, anything!

KAYE PEARCE – author
For Kaye, life never seemed to be anything more than living out her days and working at the Wordpress and web design agency where she had spent 7 years. Then came the time when she discovered matchbox covers and her world went from one end of the pendulum to the other extreme. When she is at work, she dedicates her time to doing all she can, as quickly as she can so that she can get out of work and hit all the pubs and bars in London, picking up those matchboxes along the way.


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