Friday, February 24, 2012

Job Opening - Provisioning Engineer

Please contact Vishal a recruiter at Artech, a global staffing and IT consulting company. They are constantly on the look out for professionals to fulfill the staffing needs of their clients, they currently have a job opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.

JobTitle: Provisioning Engineer

Duration: 12 months

Number of Positions:13

Project Description:
The AIR Order Manager is responsible for coordinating the delivery of EaMIS and EaAVPN services. As a member of the team, AIR-OM is responsible to manage the orders from end-to-end, inclduing interface with the Telco organization to manage orders and gather timely status. The AIR-OM is responsible for managing expedites and escalations within the process. Receive AIR requests from any IXC and input into FFLOW tool, validate the address and 8 digit CLLI code, and request CLLI code creation as needed. The AIR-OM is the point of contact between any IXC and network groups in relation to FFLOW request, and will track and escalate on delays to AIR response: Customer delays; IXC delays; Network delays. Additionally, they will validate AIR response from NSS & Trigger FOC (CSDC role today), and send AIR Response to any IXC Customer.

Job Description:

• Project Manage Ethernet AIR requests
o Status customer, interface between NTWK, ENOC, CSPC and customer,
o Ensure service orders ae issued at the right time and systems are updated
o Mediate issues between the customer and Telecommunication departments including ATX and Telco
o Provide room ready requirements, milestones and status to the customer
o Clear roadblocks and Escalate to meet customer needs

Skill Experience Need

1)Microsoft ExcelIntermediate Required
2)Ethernet product and network knowledgeIntermediate Desired
3)Telecommunication Ordering and Provsioning ProcessIntermediate Required
4)SOTS, GIOM, USRPIntermediate Desired
5)Local Exchange Company processesIntermediate Desired
6)OrganizationExpert Required
7)Written and Verbal communicationExpert Required
8)Complex Issue resolution and Analysis skillsExpert Required
9)Customer facing experienceIntermediate Required
10)Project managementIntermediate Desired

If you believe you're qualified for this position and are currently in the job market or interested in making a change, please give me a call as soon as possible at (973) 967-3406.

You may respond to me via email but please be sure to include your direct phone number so I can reach out to you quickly. In considering candidates for our various positions, time is of the essence and we are committed to responding to our clients promptly.

If you have not worked with Artech in the past and would like to know more about our company and what to expect when applying for a job with us, click on our FAQs or Get Started! page for a step-by-step explanation of our hiring process.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to this message.

Best Regards,
Vishal Bishnoi
(973) 967-3406

About Artech
Artech is an employer-of-choice for over 5,000 consultants across the globe. We recruit top-notch talent for over 50 Fortune 500 companies coast-to-coast across the US, India, China and Mexico. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, and this may be your opportunity to join us!

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